Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Oakville in January

Recently the US Northeast got sucker punched with two feet of snow, irony in this part of the Great White North, Southern Ontario doesn't have a lot of the white stuff. The other think I got my early Canon F-1 back from Cam-tech (damn you auto correct), it had a problem with mystery flare in the middle of the negative that appears at random every few frames. My tech Roger re-sealed the back of the F-1 and was otherwise stumped. My theory now is there's something inside my camera that's shifting causing the flare, what's even crazier I got it on frame zero when the lens cap was on. Usually you need light coming in to create lens flare.

That said, I love the early FD 50 f1.8 lens, it's a contrasty piece of glass. I put on my FTb and use that for a little while.

I don't shoot a lot in Oakville partly because I have lived here so long I can't see potential photographs as well as I would elsewhere. One thing I'm doing is shooting a bit  more in my backyard to up my game a bit.

Now any old school Canon repair techs out there have a clue what's causing my mystery flare?

Frozen Bronte Creek


Curved Walls

Bottom of Bronte Road

Oakville Interurban Station

Trees Along Church

Waiting to Cross Lakeshore

Trees on Robinson
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