Thursday, June 02, 2016

Hamilton Ontario Part Two

Hamilton architecture is different than Toronto, yes you have the same layers of 19th to late 20th century building styles. If you were to ask me my favourite would be the Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo Corporate Headquarters, now the Hamilton Centre GO Station. It's rare to see an art deco train station in operation, pity we didn't have track level access when we were there.

City Hall is classic sixties modern in sort of the NATO headquarters vibe (no idea what NATO headquarters looks like). While Toronto still has its 19th century buildings (at least the ones protected), buildings from the more recent past are endangered from re-development. Hamilton due to its economic fortunes held onto its economic treasures and is adapting them to new uses for example the Royal Connaught Hotel is being redone as a condo development. That will accelerate for good or ill gentrification in Hamilton's downtown.

I had fun exploring Hamilton's downtown core, unfortunately my go to camera repair guy at Camtech Photographic up on the Mountain is planning to wind down his retail store front but continue to do business from home after a well deserved break.

Camera: Olympus OM-4, Zuiko 50 f1.4 lens, Zuiko 28 f2.8 lens.
Film: Bergger BRF400, HC110 B.

Hamilton Centre GO Station formerly HQ for TH and B Railroad

Wooden Benches

Art Deco Clock_

Whithorn Guest House II

Hamilton City Hall

Reflected City_

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