Thursday, January 26, 2017

Throwback To Fall 2006 Caledon On on Kodachrome 64 in the Fall

I've been going through old work lately, in particular stuff I shot on Kodachrome 64. I really wish I used more of this back when it was still available. I shot this back in Fall 2006 a year after my dad passed. I was still dealing with his death and nothing was going quite right, I gave up my first attempt at online dating (in hindsight maybe not the best time while dealing with the loss of a parent but I was lonely, so there) and I was between jobs at the time. I needed to get out of the house and do some photography, I left early one weekday morning with one camera, one lens and one roll of Kodachrome and drove up into Caledon exploring the countryside during the week. I needed time alone to clear my head and explore.

Yes, Kodak Alaris has made noises about exploring the possibility of bringing Kodachrome back, I really want to believe that will happen, it sadly most likely won't. Here's why, Kodachrome was one of the oldest colour films on the market and had insanely good archival properties, photos taken in 1937 would look like they were taken yesterday. The big downside with Kodachrome, deep down it's a black and white film with a very involved 14 step developing process involving dye couplers to give the colour. Problem is some of those processing chemicals were quite nasty and were banned by the EPA in the United States. For now I can get a similar look with Cinestill 50D which is essentially Kodak Vision 50 with the Rem-jet coating removed. What would be cool if Kodak Alaris created a new E-6 slide film with the colour signature of Kodachrome. In the mean time I'm looking forward to E-100 hitting the market again. One can dream....

Camera: Nikon F Photomic Tn, Nikkor-S 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kodachrome 64

Lower Base Line Road in 2006

Badlands back in 2006

Mississauga Road in the Fall_

Wortly's Wiggle Off Season

Downtown Alton_

North Caledon Credit River_

Mississauga Rd South of Alton

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