Leslieville Just Before 2017

During my short stay over the Christmas Break in Toronto, I got a chance to wander around lover Riverdale and Leslieville along Queen Street. I like the east end more than the west end these days if I were asked to pick which part of Toronto I would rather live in. Short answer, food, there are a lot of great restaurants and pubs in this neighbourhood along with a microbrewery I've walked past on several occasions and never gone in, yet. The other thing development is not over the top compared to Queen West, especially near Dufferin.

Now the sun started to poke through and I got a chance to see how Rollei Retro 400S would handle bright sunlight. You won't be needing a yellow filter to bump contrast with this film. Again expose at around 200 ISO instead of box speed, process as per online instructions (the development chart in the packaging is way off) or the Massive Development Chart and you'll get some magic.

Camera: Nikon N90s (F90X), Nikkor AF 50 f1.8 lens.
Film: Rollei Retro 400S, HC110 B.

Victorian Commerical Building

Lucky Star

North Side of Queen St. in Leslieville_

Passing 501 Streetcars in Leslieville

Fish Head

South Side of Queen St. in Leslieville_

Waiting Patiently for Master

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