So Tri-x being a very versatile film, you can get different looks with different developers. In the previous post I showed a couple of examples of Tri-x processed in ID-11/D76 1+1. This post I show what happens when you process Kodak Tri-x pulled to 200 ISO and processed in Rodinal at 1:50 (one part Rodinal and 50 parts water). I used an Asahi Pentax SV with Super Takumar lens system. Again if I was truly anal I would be running this through one camera but regardless if it's Rokkor, Takumar, Zuiko or Nikkor you are going to get some really nice results. I printed on Kentmere RC Fine lustre paper with a Devere 504 enalarger with a 50/2.8 enlarging lens.

I like this look, I would not use it all the time, I think this developer/film combination has it's applications and lends itself to the right subject matter.

The shots below were taken around Oakville.


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