Sherman Falls

I had a good shoot at Sherman Falls which ended in bad news. I was shooting with a Nikon FM with a Nikkor 50 f1.4 Ais lens, only to find out my over exposure trouble that has been giving me grief, turns out it was the lens. Oil on the aperture blades was the culprit, I got a quote to fix it and I am waiting for my tax return to arrive. I have another 50mm Ais lens, a F1.8 which is really good for landscape and street work. For some reason when it comes to shooting people, I prefer the 50 f1.4, it is more flattering for people in my eye.

I am headed back to the Dundas Valley and I and I am taking more photos with the FM. It stems from when I learned how to ski. If I ever had a serious wipe out, I have to ski the run again to get it right. Same thing with photography. The over exposed frames in Dundas will be re-shot with the same camera, same film and different 50mm lens.

Sherman Falls WestSide

Below The Falls

Falls Close Up


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