I am spending a lot of time up near the Forks of the Credit this Summer on weekends working on a project for possible exhibit next year with two other photographers. We are focusing on the GTA Greenbelt a region around Greater Toronto though protected officially from development is under stress from gravel quarries and expanding suburbs.

I am focusing on the fragile beauty of the Greenbelt and I am having fun putting the portfolio together. I will be spending the winter in the darkroom printing the 35mm black and white, over at my brother's for the 6x6 negatives and I have to find a decent colour lab who can handle the slides and c-41 negatives regardless of format.

Twin Trees

Lime Kiln Trench

Growing out of the rocks

Stacked Rocks

Maclaren Side Road Bridge


Earl said…
The blacks in the bottom image are deep. Rock wall is spooky. I hope your portfolio turns out spectacular!
Bill Smith said…
Sorry for the slow reply, the portfolio is taking shape nicely.

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