A tale of two Wideangle lenses

Nikon in the 1960s and 1970s made some really 28mm wideangle lenses. Here is a back to back comparison between the fast Nikkor N 28 f2 lens and the classic Nikkor H 28 f3.5 while slower has very high performance in it's own right.

I borrowed my brother's Nikkor N 28 f2 lens a few months ago to play with, it was made for photojournalists working in less than ideal light. So does it stack up with my beloved Nikkor H 28 f3.5? I don't know, going through my Flickr account and doing a comparison, I prefer my slower 28. This is just comparing negative scans, the real test will be printing from the negatives.

Now if you want to read up more on the subject, check out Photography in Malaysia's pages on the Nikkor 28mm lenses. I do not hold myself responsible if after reading you get a case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS).

Top two were taken with the Nikkor N 28 f2 lens up at Limehouse Conservation Area and the bottom photos two Nikkor H 28 f3.5 lens in Oakville Ontario. The camera body was a Nikon F2 and the film was Kodak Tri-X processed in Xtol 1+1.


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