Playing Around With Different Film

I am by and large a Kodak Tri-x/Ilford HP5 kind of guy for 120 format film. I do shoot slower once in a while but for most applications I stick to a 400ISO film and play around with it.

Now for a bit of a change I picked up a half dozen rolls of Fomapan 400 under the Arista.EDU Ultra label from Freestyle Photographic out of LA. I have used their slower speed films (Fomapan 100 and 200) in 35mm with great results but I wanted to try something a little bigger and I really like the results.

I shot the first roll at 250 ISO and processed in Rodinal 1+50 for 11 minutes at 20c and got the sharp results below. I plan to print this negative this weekend to see what I get enlarged on paper.

I took this down by the lake in Old Oakville with a Rolleiflex Series E 3.5.

Lakeside Park Trail


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