The July Night Photography Outing on Toronto Island with the Oakville Camera Club.

Ok, we had the best of intentions when we planned this night shoot from Toronto Island back in the dark depths of winter. Who knew Taylor Swift was playing the Air Canada Centre and parking went from the usual $10 flat rate to $30. We got to Centre Island and migrated over to Olympic Island and I got this:

Toronto at Dusk

Toronto Island security came along and kicked us off Olympic Island with the reason being it was closed for an event. All I could see was the remains of an event with a stage being torn down, what ever, we migrated over to Centre Island and I then captured the skyline in all its glory:

Toronto Skyline

That was the easy part, getting off Centre Island was a challenge after 10 PM. It seems there was a large Indian cultural festival and the City of Toronto in it's infinite wisdom did not schedule extra ferries to get people off the island. We spent an hour and a half in line, it got annoying when Western Hare Krishna converts started chanting non stop with a good natured fanaticism only converts to any new religion embrace.

Personally I don't care what you believe in, please don't share in a long slow moving line with hordes of other tired people who just want go home and sleep.

Camera: Mamiya C220, various Sekor lenses.
Film: Kodak Portra 160 NC.


Anonymous said…
beautiful pictures!

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