Cannington On.

Cannington Ontario is roughly an hour's drive North East of Toronto and my family settled there in the 1830s after coming over from Forres Scotland. George Smith was a merchant with his son (my great grand father) William George Smith taking over in the latter half of the 19th Century. It's a real small town and I can see why a bunch of Smiths (my branch of the family) moved down to Toronto before WW I. I went back up to explore, I think I was the first one back in two generations. It's nice to visualize where your family put down roots and later leave. The Smiths were a prolific bunch and have a lot of relatives spread out over Durham region and other parts of Ontario. Some I have met and others I have not. Cameron St. East. Sidewalk Scan-111031-0013 Scan-111031-0012 Scan-111031-0011 Hall Tower Family Plot (Meet the relatives) Concession Rd 11


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