Return to the Bat Lake Trail on Highway 60 in Algonquin Park

Last year, we hit the Bat Lake Trail around 3:30 or 4 p.m., a little later than we should have. Ok by the time we got to the view looking North East, it was about 5:30 seeing the fall colours looked spectacular, downside it was still a long hike back to the car. To make things even more interesting, we discovered fresh bear poop on the side of the trail and near the end we were still hiking after sunset in the dark and it was fast descending into a  re-enactment of the Blair Witch Project. For those who never been to Algonquin Park, it's one of those places if you walk a certain direction, you are neither seen or heard from again.

This year we hiked the Bat Lake Trail in the morning and it was a totally different experience with the bright sunshine. Sadly though the leaves barely changed colours so you make do with what you have. I enjoyed the hike and next year, it's time to head elsewhere in the park.

Thankfully no bear encounters but we did come across some wildlife after lunch along the side of the road, more on that next time.

Camera: Nikon F2A, Nikon FM, Nikkor Ais 50 1.8 lens, Ais 28 f2.8 lens.
Film: Cinestill 50, Portra 400

The Clear View

On the Bat Lake Trail

Looking Forward

Looking Forward II

Bat Lake 4

Bat Lake 5


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