Fun with a $35 Camera in the City (Pentax ME Super)

On a whim a few months back I picked up a Pentax ME super off the classifieds on the Pentax Forums for the all low price of $35. I already have a couple of K mount bodies (a pair of KX's and an MX), it would cool to have an AE body in the line up. This is a fun camera to shoot with on AE, actually quite intuitive. Switching over the manual, you realize quickly there's a bit of a learning curve because, instead of a dial Pentax went with two buttons to control shutter speed. It is a no tears,  no regrets camera, I paid very little for it, works great for now but if something goes wrong, I'll be more pissed at losing the roll of film and not the camera.

Camera: Pentax ME Super, SMC Pentax 50 f1.7 lens.
Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 B.

Parking Do Not Enter

Art Deco with Modernism

Plenty of Cabs_

Cherry Beach-Dufferin Loop Car

Walking Past the Stairs

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