April in Colour

It has been a cool and damp month so far. I was in Toronto for a Saturday lunch date midtown with a woman I met on Ok Cupid, she was smart, nice but not a match, a story for another time. I made a day of it and did some photography both downtown and up in Rosedale.

The camera of choice was my Canon Populaire, the P, a 35mm Leica Screw Mount rangefinder from the late 1950s. I bought it off fellow Classic Camera Revival host John Meadows. I sold the Canon Serenar lens back to him and then went on the hunt for a younger mid to late 1960s Canon 50 f1.8 lens. This was my first time shooting this piece of glass and I shot colour film, in this case from my stash of expired Kodak Max 400.

The Canon 50 f1.8 LTM lens loves colour film. The skies were a mix of sun and cloud, very changable. This is a killer combination of lens, camera and film, if anoyone is in the market for a budget 35mm rangefinder and don't want to go with a former Soviet camera, give the Canon P a look.

Ok, I know you want to know why the date went nowhere, she wasn't into winter, I ski every weekend, it's a big thing for me, as much as photography. So there you have it.

Camera: Canon P (Populaire), Canon 50 f1.8 LTM lens.
Film: Kodak Max 400.

514 at Yonge and Queen

Mixture of Vintage and Modern at Yonge and Richmond

Saturday Walk on Yonge St

Walking Past Dineen Coffee Co

Deloitte Patio _

Middle of Yonge St

How Much for the Keg in the Window?_


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