Monday, January 11, 2010

I put my Rolleiflex through it's paces two weeks ago at a concert shoot. Brian Hayman and quintet played at set at St. Jude's Jazz Vespers back on January 3rd.

The one challenge, no flash so I used my Leica M3 with pushed Tri-x and Fuji Pro 800 NPZ in the Rollei. To quote one fellow Flickr member who commented on one of the photos, "Planar lenses rock!"

I found a Bay II hood for the camera and my brother Alex gave me a warming filter, all I need to do is find some more filters and I am good to go with the Rollei kit.

I also found a new layout for the blog, now my 6x6 shots can be seen as I had intended, square.

Jazz Quintet 3

Kevin and Mark

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