Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Early August in the Beaches Part Three

I'm not done posting Beaches images just yet. Shooting colour negative (c-41) film is a nice change of pace from black and white and the Beach neighbourhood is full of colour. I shot most of these images south of Queen St., my next post will hight light images images on the north side of the street and deep into a neighbourhood ravine.

Funny how I just blink my eyes and it's towards the end of August already. I'm still not done with Summer, the official rollover into fall is not for another month. Did anyone else have any interesting adventures on staycations? Got something planned for the next two weeks?

A technical note, both film stocks I used are factory rated for 400 ISO, I deliberately overexposed at 250 ISO to get more punch with the colour, C-41 film has very wide latitude and I have seen results of Portra 400 exposed at 100 ISO with little change.

Rectangular Shots:
Camera: Minolta SRT-102, MC Rokkor Lenses
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Square Shots:
Camera: Rolleiflex Series E 3.5 Planar Twin Lens Reflex Camera.
Film: Kodak Portra 400 and Fuji Pro 400 H.

Getting to the Water

Action at the Leuty Ave Lifeguard Station

Leuty Avenue Shelter

Fluffy Clouds and a Boardwalk_

Kew Gardens Caretaker Cottage

Classic Vespa

Whitlocks and BigTown Smoke

Quiet In Front of Dufflet

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