Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Back to Elora August Long Weekend Part One

This was a last minute trip up to Elora on the holiday Monday of the Civic Long weekend in the beginning of August. Officially in Greater Toronto it's Simcoe day in honour of John Graves Simcoe, the former Governor of Upper Canada. Truth of the matter the holiday should be called "Life on the road/by the pool/on the beach/at the cottage Long Weekend." Doesn't matter, it was a really nice day and that's what counts.

Elora has been struggling the past few years with the Elora Mill Inn closed for renovations with just day trippers. Talking to Dave at the Village Olive Grove with the super nice weather this Summer more visitors are coming up to have a look around which is great news for local merchants.

Camera: Nikon F2SB, Nikkor S.C. 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: ORWO UN 54, D76 1+1.

Reflected Elora Mill Inn on Monday

Metcalfe Bridge over the Grand

Balconies on the Grand

Nice Decks

Magic Gateway

Cedars on the Edge

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