Day Trip to Prince Edward County

My friend Crystal and I had a day set aside for the beach. She and her kids never been to Sandbanks Provincial Park and it was another excuse to get to Prince Edward County. There was a downside we originally wanted to find a place to crash overnight in the county, yeah, good luck with that a few days before the long holiday weekend. Our trip to the beach became a day trip, the kids loved it.

Now the grown ups weren't neglected, my friend Crystal and I hit Sandbanks Winery and later Country Road Beer Company which is literally on a back country road in the middle of nowhere. We got there from route one by way of Benway Road, a one lane backcountry dirt road most likely cut in the late 18th century through fallowed farm fields, a woodlot and a vineyard. Now on the way out dinner was at George's Fish and Chips on Loyalist Parkway just south of Carrying Place. I had the best chocolate milkshake since I was like 12 or 13 years old and the fish chips are first rate.

Next time I have to find a place to stay overnight.

Now the second part of this trip inspired an upcoming article I wrote for the Film Shooters Collective on the rationale that a Nikkormat FTn and Nikkor H 50 f2 lens is your perfect vacation camera. When it's published I will put a link right here.

Update: The Article has been published on the Film Shooters Collective and you can link to hit by clicking on Nikkormat FTN.

Camera: Nikkormat Ftn, Nikkor H 50 f2 lens.
Film: Kentmere 100, D76 1+1.

Sandbanks Beach Two_

Sandbanks Beach Three_

Downtown Bloomfield 2016

Priority Seating at Sandbanks Winery

Black and White Sunflowers

Sandbanks Vineyards

Abandoned Barn on Loyalist Parkway

Benway Road._

A view of Hinterland Vineyards from the Country Road Beer Company Beer Garden

Home of Great Beer in Prince Edward County

Intersection of Closson and Benway Roads

Looking North on Benway Road_

George's Fish and Chips


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