All Photos taken with a Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F, 55 f2.0 Super Takumar Lens with Agfa APX 400 film. I really need a SMC Takumar lens to take advantage with the full metering capablity, but that will have to wait until I land a new job. FYI there is one last pile of Agfa APX film floating around out there. I have a couple of rolls and I plan to grab some more and store them, because once the supply runs out, that is it. Pity, as Agfa APX was nice 400asa black and white filmto work with, I have come to really like Ilford, Fuji Acros Neopan and the famous Kodak Tri-X. I do plan to try out some EFKE when JandC Photo comes to town for the APUG conference this May. One last note with the man crossing the road at Bay St, while it looks a little cloudy, it is in fact my dirty windshield, not the lens. Enjoy!



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