I am annoyed,

I apologise for stepping on the soapbox but I am pissed at the moment. I belong to an online photographic community called the Analog Photography Users Group, a spot for those of us who still use film for making pictures.

I log on this afternoon to see what is going on and there was one thread that caught my interest under product availablity. A member trading under the handle unraniumnitrate posted a message stating that Forte film of Hungary is shutting down and produced a letter in English with the salutaion xxxx'ed out to hide the poster's identity. There were about eight pages when I added my two cents most mourning the loss of Forte papers for darkroom printing.

Then the PR/communications professional in me kicked in, why is so much being put into an announcement by someone who does not participate in the community that often and hides behind an alias? I don't even know where this person lives and what their connection is to the photographic industry. I became very skeptical on the announcement, I am waiting for Fotoimpex of Berlin to weigh in as they buy film from Forte and re-brand it as Classicpan.

For those who participates in online social media, be transparent, crediblity is a mercurial thing. I post under an alias Uncle Bill on two forums but I always sign my name Bill and my profile has my full name and biography.

That being said I hope Forte is still going as I want to try out their papers and I love their film as it has an old school 1950's Tri-X feel to it.

I am getting off the soapbox now.


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