I found a new film to play with: Fomapan 200 Creative from the Czech Republic. I love the tonality with this emulsion. I rated it a little slower at 160 and processed in Rodinal 1:50 for eight minutes. I used a Leica M3 with a Canon 50 f1.4 and a Voightlander Skopar 35 f2.5 lens,it is a good camera/film combination and a great weekend for shooting.


Jordan said…
Bill, I've used a lot of Fomapan 200 (as Arista.EDU Ultra 200). I like it a lot in 35mm, but in 120 (with its blue base and massive curl) I'm not as big a fan. When purchased from Freestyle, it's a great deal (under $20 for 100 feet, last I checked). It works well in Xtol-like developers (finer, smoother grain than Rodinal).
Bill Smith said…
Yes I heard scary stories about Foma in 120 can be well, difficult. I have never tried Xtol, I processed in Rodinal to start and I plan to try D-76 next. Thanks for the commnets.


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