We organized an Oakville Camera Club outing for Spencer Gorge near Hamilton this past Sunday morning. Armed with a Nikon FM and neutral density filters to slow things down, I got the photographs below. I took a different approach this time out not focusing on Webster's Falls (which is over photographed), instead looking at the fast water as a source of inspiration. There's more to come when I get the test roll of Ektar 100 processed.

Looking Down the Gorge

Past the rocks

Water Over the Rocks

Water through the rocks

One more shot of Webster's Falls for this set



Earl said…
Lovely images. I need to get out while the spring rains are still in the creeks around here.
Bill Smith said…
Thank you for the compliment, I was blown away at the amount of potential prints I have.
Tom Krause said…

Great photo's! The kind of stuff I like.

I'm lazy. I don't like rummaging around forums when I have a specific question. Your photos look great on this Blog. I just recently got back into analog with a Voigtlander setup. Would you be willing to dialog a bit via email as to the ways that work for you to get your b&W work digitized? I've done b&W with digital cameras and the results are great. But hey, they aren't from analog cameras.

My email is tkrause53@gmail.com

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