Muskoka-Algonquin Fall 2015 iPhone Shots

Just some quick shots from last weekend on my iPhone, yes that's moose in the bottom shot and there's more to come with them on a later post.

Friday morning I went up to to Huckleberry Lookout between Bracebridge and Port Carling to meet  up with my friend Helen Grose , she lives most of the week up in Muskoka and knows the neighbourhood cold. She suggested for the gang to meet up at Huckleberry Lookout as a spot to shoot some landscapes, something different. I was challenged at first, more so with the light, it was supposed to be partly cloudy but instead we got mostly cloud with the rare patch of blue.

Later on I cut across along highway 117 through Baysville stopping by at the Lake of Bays Brewery (sorry no photos), they make fine beer and along that highway I got shots of the Lake of Bays which then took me through Dorset.

I was happy to arrive at Billie Bear resort, to me that's paradise, the weekend saw a return to the Bat Lake Trail this time in the morning and late afternoon along Highway 60, we really lucked in with a female moose and her calf not 20' from the roadside along with 80 people taking pictures. That made up for the crappy light on Friday.

Camera: iPhone 5s.



The Bigwin.




Moose on Highway 60


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