Minolta Mania Part One, Testing out a MC Rokkor 58 f1.4 lens.

I was gifted an MC Rokkor 58 f1.4 lens a few months ago by a friend, the optics are crystal clear and everything works as it should. Now I was told it misbehaved, I wanted to see if that was the case, so I popped the lens on my Minolta SRT 102 and took it out for a spin before and after skiing. January has to be the grayest on record and I should have used something like Rollei Retro 400S to build some contrast. The negs looked off but scanned nicely. You decide for yourself. I plan to retest later on when the conditions aren't quite, so, Scottish.

Camera: Minolta SRT 102, MC Rokkor 58 f1.4 lens.
Film: Ilford HP5 400, HC110 B.

Abandoned Farmhouse on Highway 10 Two

Belfountain General Store Closed for the Season

Slow Down on Bush St. Before Main

Closed Antique Store_

Snow Covered Stairs_

Bridge Across Eternity_

Keep off The Dam


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