Saturday in the City : The Canon EF Part One

The Canon EF is an interesting camera, only made for five years it was a pretty advanced piece of hardware in the Canon line up. Slotted below the F-1 pro body, it was pitched to the market as the camera for the advanced amateur. The EF has the distinction of being the only camera with a vertical hybrid copal shutter in the Canon line up that was mechanical from a 1/2 second up 1/1000 and electroncially assisted one second and slower. Compared to the later A-1, this is a paragon of simplicity.

I gave this camera a bit of a workout a few weeks ago with the Toronto Film Shooters FB Group meet up. The last time I used it was the Summer before and the meter was four stops off, recently it was pretty much on for accuracy, figure that out. I plan to use this camera more often this year with various projects and adventures.

Camera: Canon EF (the film camera not the lens mount), FD 50 f1.8 SC lens.
Film: Rollei Retro 400S, HC110 B.

Canon EF

Between Track 12 and 13

Stairs and Escalator Up the Skywalk

Looking Towards Union Station Skywalk

Union Station Track Level Still a Work in Progress

CN Tower Reflected in the Delta Hotel
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