Canon P in Toronto Part Two

I shot my last roll of Kodak Tmax 400, technically it's a brilliant film, processes nicely in Tmax developer, but for some reason while it's great, I didn't bond with it, I like my 400 ISO films with traditional grain structure. I have shot kilometres of Ilford HP5 and Kodak Tri-X over the years, speaking of which I just picked up ten rolls from Downtown Camera and will be exploring this classic over the next few months.

Now if I was stuck with only Tmax 400, I'll shoot it, from my experience the film starts to sing being exposed around 250 ISO when processed in Tmax developer 1+4 dilution. Again depending on developer and your shooting style, results may vary. What bugs me is the fact Tmax 400 just kills fix solution which does not happen with Ilford Delta films. I love my Ilford Delta 100, and someday I'll figure out Delta 400, probably when I finish off the Tri-X.

Camera: Canon P, Canon 50 f1.4 M-39 lens.
Film: Kodak Tmax 400, Tmax Dev 1+4.

Adelaide and York from Another Vantage Point

Very Sunny Bay St

Samba Band

Laying a Groove for The Vocalist

Classy Door and Windows

Staying in the Shade By Old Post Office Lane

Beer Bistro Patio_

504 Car at Yonge St


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