Expired Fortepan 100.

I was gifted a roll of expired Fortepan 100 at a Classic Camera Revival Podcast recording session a few months ago. I dabbled with this film and Fortepan 400 under the J and C Classicpan label 10 years ago. Both brands are long gone. I know the film is roughly the same age as my nephew so I overexposed slightly at 80 ISO and processed in Rodinal 1+50. I shot around Oakville checking out the Glenorchy Conservation Area for a little while until the mosquitos got so bad I hightailed it out of the park and wend down to 16 Mile Creek.

Camera: Olympus OM-1md, Zuiko lenses
Film: Fortepan 100, well expired last decade, Rodinal 1+50.

Glenorchy Bridge_

16 Mile Creek

A Bridge Across the 16

Uphill to Lower Base Line Road II

Boats are Floating Higher

Sail Boats on 16 Mile Creek Missing a Certain Bridge
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