Cinestill 50D through Rokkor Lenses.

I love my black Minolta SRT 101 but it has an issue where it looks like there's vignetting at the very bottom of the frame. I know what the problem is, there's a light baffle behind the mirror that's a little loose. I don't have the finger dexterity to fix it, I'm getting a tech to look at it. The photos have been cropped in Lightroom so no one is the wiser.

Cinestill 50D, which is Eastman Kodak Vision 50D with the remjet removed. An interesting film to shoot with, of course, I choose to shoot on a day with very changeable light because hey, why not. Well, Cinestill 50D and Minolta Rokkor glass are made for each other, I've shot this film with Nikkor and Pentax SMC lenses over the years, I like what I got here. Sadly though Cinestill 50D isn't cheap in Canada, partly due to the exchange rate partly due to the film being expensive because of the remjet removal, pity.

Camera: Minolta SRT 101 (black beauty), MC Rokkor lenses.
Film: Cinestill 50D,

Elite Plumbing Supplies

Looking Down Brock Avenue

Dundas Looking West_

Sideways Glance Beside Lula Lounge_

Waiting for the 505 Bus

Dundas and Sheridan Ave

Red Triumph_


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