I have a pair of Minolta SRT 101's, one silver, pictured here made in my guess 50 years ago, and black one made in the early 1970s. Minolta was an innovator during their heyday, back in the mid 1960s while other brands were getting a handle on TTL metering, the SRT 101 had CLC (Contrast Light Compensator) or proto matrix metering. What I like about this on super bright days I can get better exposures, pretty good for a 52 year old camera design.

Camera: Minolta SRT 101, MC Rokkor 55 f1.7 lens.
Film: Kodak Trix-X 400, Xtol 1+1.

Silver Minolta SRT 101.

Union Station Crowds_

Peeking Onto te Union Station Patio

Looking Down Front St

Bay St. Half in the Sun

Crossing on the West Side of Wellington and Bay

Lunching in Front of the TD Centre


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