Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mono Cliffs Provincial Park Part Two

Mono Cliffs is one of those secret magical spots I to go hiking and a few weeks ago I led a photo walk with 15 members of the Oakville Camera Club. The big challenge when organizing field trips for the club is keeping things fresh and the park delivered in a big way and we were fortunate to get a sunny day after the fog burned off.

For those wondering where Mono Cliffs Provincial Park is, budget about an hour and 20 minutes driving time northwest of Toronto by taking highway 410 then drive along highway 10 through Orangeville and then turn right along Mono Centre Road #8, go east and keep an eye out for the signs for the park. It's not a difficult hike but I would recommend wearing hiking boots.

As I mentioned earlier, the best part of Mono Cliffs is closing your eyes and just listening, after a minute you realize you can't hear civilization.



Reflected Colour





Camera gear used

Square format: Mamiya C220f with the 80 f2.8 Sekor lens.

35mm format: Canon F-1n with either the FD 28 f2.8 or 50 f1.4 lenses.

I used Fuji NPH 400 in medium (square) format and Pro 400H in 35mm for film.

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