Billie Bear Part Two

There's a bit of conflict over time when I'm up at Billie Bear, our group loves staying up late, and just let off steam from our very busy lives. However, sometimes, the best time is early in the morning when the mist is still on the lake, that's where the magic is, with the chilly air and silence. I could get drunk on that early morning magic.

This year I was up at sunrise and before the sun crested the treetops and that gave me the different light I usually shoot in, everything was still in the shade. That gave me a cooler colour palette to work with.

I will always bring a twin lens reflex camera with me up to Muskoka. This year it was my pride and joy, my Rolleiflex, nothing can beat Zeiss glass. One thing I will do is invest in replica Bay II lens hood and lens cap as the originals are hard to find and increasingly expensive to replace.

Camera: Rolleiflex Series E 3.5 Planar TLR
Film: Kodak Portra 400

Dew Covered Speed Boat

Three Outboards Ready to Go

Bella Lake Just Before Sunrise

Sleeping Paddle Boats_

Billie Bear Shore

Lakeside Hut


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