Trillum Park and Ontario Place

I walked Trillium Park a few weeks ago with some fellow film photographers, I like what the landscape design team did to honour the nations, namely the Mississaugas of the New Credit that called the land home before we showed up and as the park matures over time, the features will look even better.

Ontario Place, however, it needs some work, what it should not be is a casino, a proposal from certain political quarters proposed a few years back that was shot down thankfully. I did read the Cinesphere is re-opening. I hope that's true.

Camera: Canon F-1N, FD lenses.
Film: Cinestill 50D.

TO Skyline from the Park

Stone Moccisans

Purple Wildflowers

Bench in the Sun with a Great View

Riding in the Sunshine

Outer Ontario Place Marina

Outer Ontario Place Marina Boats

Walking Towards Cinesphere

Reflected Structures

Metal Stairs


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