Late August in the Beaches Part Two

Portra 160 is going to be part of my to films going forward.

One question I do have is I have a random line that cuts across the image, not every frame. I have only been getting this with the XD. Two different labs processed film I've run through this camera over the summer, I've eliminated the lab angle. On close inspection, I don't see anything inside the XD that would cause this. I consulted with fellow Classic Camera Revival hosts and the consensus is a scanning artifact caused by the negative holder not seating properly. Check the sunflower photo below, any other Epson V600 users have any ideas? My current scanner is about 9 months old.

Camera: Minolta XD, MC and MD Rokkor X lenses.
Film: Kodak Portra 160.

Bottom of Lee Avenue

Kew Gardens Purple Cone Flowers

Kew Gardens Black Eyed Susans

Kew Gardens Gardener's Cottage Two

Kew Gardens Gardener's Cottage Second Story

BMW 325i Cabrio

Apartment Sunflower

Morning at Bud's
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