Hamilton Ontario, New Year's Eve Day

The Classic Camera Revival had a host only photo walk in Hamilton on New Year's Eve. It was a great idea until James fell off a ladder and breaking his ankle the night before. Then Mike and Donna got sick from a cold, Trevor was missing in action somewhere, and that left Alex, John and I.

The Nikon F4 is a really nice camera, quite a powerful beast with three metering modes: spot, center weight, and matrix. While it was Nikon's first pro autofocus body, I consider it the last manual focus pro body. Why? The one autofocus sensor that while good for the time was no match for Canon's first autofocus pro body, the EOS 1. Nikon made up for that with the F5 which is even more of a beast, and a camera, I don't own, yet.

Camera: Nikon F4, Nikkor Ais 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400 @1600, HC110 B.

Corner of York and James

Danger Due Demolition

Sidewalk along James

Federal Building

Federal Building Dec 31

Corner of Rebecca and James

Rebecca St. New Year's Eve

Irving's Famous Clothes Dec 31

Restored Lister Block Office Building


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