Toronto's Garment District and Grafitti Alley

Toronto is cold this winter, but slow to get a real dump of snow. My mid week photo walk meet up group from Toronto Photowalks did a walk of the Garment District and Grafitti Alley. To beat the dreary light I switched to colour film for this shoot and wow, I loved what I got.

The Nikkormat FT2 worked well in the -15c weather. Vertical copal shutters work well in the deep freeze, something to keep in mind with winter photography.

I have so many photos from this walk, the Alleyway is being broken up over a few posts. There will be more on Friday.

Camera: Nikkormat FT2, Nikkor Pre Ai 50 f1.4 and H 28 f3.5 lens.
Film: Kodak Max 400, freezer stored and expired back in 2009

North and Southbound 510 Cars

Crossing Spadina at Adelaide Jan 2019

Fashion Building Detail_

Richmond West Loft

The Toddler Tagged

Blue Bunny

Ghetto Bunny

Graffiti Alley


Hockey Birds_

Skate Rentals

Alleyway Fish


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