Sunday Walk in the Beaches in Late May Part Two

 Have I said this before, I love Fomapan 400 as a film stock? 

Camera: Minolta XD-11, MD Rokkor X lenses. 

Film: Fomapan 400, HC110 B. 

Queen and Sarah Asbbridge Ave Order Coffee Between Cars at Bud's Coffee Kew Gardens Stage in the Morning Sun Kew Gardens Garinder Cottage Gate_ Kew Gardens Gardiner Cottage Late May 2021 Partly Cloudy at Leuty Beach Five Chairs on the Beach Closed Up Lifeguard Station on the Beach Favourite Side Street in the Beaches_ GOOF Corner The GOOF In all its Splendor East Bound 501 Rolling Past Soft Serve Beacher Cafe Riding it Out Mercedes SLK Food Truck Action at Kew Gardens


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