Frugal Film Project 2023, A Winter Storm Blows Through Edition.

 Early March snow storms aren't unheard of, but in my case it had to hit on a Friday, my travel day to Jo-Anne's for the weekend. I was lucky the storm hit afer dinner, we went out for pizza and the snow started on the way back to her place. Things got really interesting with a winter thunderstorm or thunder snow over the course of the evening. All in all we got 30cm/12 inches of snow, wet fluffy snow. Saturday morning the skies cleared and Jo-Anne and I went for a walk around the neighbourhood which became a winter wonderland. 

With this project, a yellow filter stays on the Nikkor H 50 f2 lens and on sunny mornings like we had, the results are obviously great. Kentmere is a great bang for your buck black and white film and I plan to buy more once this year is done. 

Camera: Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor H 50 F2 lens. 

Film: Kentmere 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Erskine Apartment Modernism Two March 2023 Mini on Erksine March 2023 Townhouses on Redpath March 2023 Concrete Layers on Redpath March 2023 Balconies at Erskine and Redpath March 2023 88 Erskine Entrance March 2023 Snow Covered Trees off Erskine  March 2023 Snow Covered Erskine  March 2023 Snowed In Green Valley Products Delivery Van East Side of Yonge after the Snowstorm Yonge Castlefield Construction Project Sidestreet Retail March 2023 St. Clements Parket and Daycare March 2023 Snow Covered Bench March 2023 Looking Down Yonge St.  March 2023 Snow Covered Tree off Yonge March 2023 Snow Covered Tree off Yonge Two March 2023 Snow Covered Fire Plug March 2023 Sheldrake Road March 2023 Brynhurst Place March 2023 Looking Back at Yonge St. on Sheldrake March 2023 Cleared Sidewalk Along Sheldrake Cleared Side Path March 2023 Sheldrake Arts and Crafts March 2023 Sheldrake Cleared Sidewalk March 2023 Sheldrake Ave House March 2023 Mt. Pleasant House and Crossover March 2023 Semies and Apartment March 2023 Hi Rise Condo Balconies March 2023 Jo-Anne Smiling Before the snowball fight


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