New Lens Arrival, the Nikkor Pre Ai 28 F2.8 lens.

 Back in 1975 Nikon overhauled their lens line up moving away from the metal scalloped barrel and towards the K series design seen when the Ai lens line up was announced two years later. Nikon changed some lens formulas but also added in a new lens to their wide angle line up, the not commonly found Pre Ai 28 F2.8. From the test roll I shot here, the lens handles just like my Ai 28 F2.8.

The results are of course beautiful and the Pre Ai Nikkor 28 F2.8 is a welcome addition to the lens fleet. 

So why get one? I'm a collector as well as a user, I have an early 1970s Nikkor N 28 F2 which is a fabulous lens, and a pristine chrome nose H 28 F3.5 that sadly the focusing jammed a few weeks ago and it will be fixed when I get my flag switch Nikon F Photomic restored. The K-Series Pre Ai Nikkor lenses, were only made for two years, to fill the gap until the automatic indexing range was released in 1977. 

Camera: Nikkormat FTn, Nikkor K Series Pre Ai 28 F2.8 lens. 

Film: Ilford HP5 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Nikkormat FTn with Nikkor Pre Ai 28 F2.8 lens. Gardiner Museum Park Plaza Hotel_ Crossing Avenue Road to the ROM The Redeemer Steeple_ Village of Yorkville Park Feb 2023 Cumberland Ave Feb 2023 Fresh Buy Market Friday Afternoon Feb 2023 Produce Display Saturday Morning Feb 2023 Bus on Yonge St. Feb 2023 Turning Onto Yonge St. off Orchard ViewFeb 2023 Orchard View Semis Feb 2023 Trudge Along Eglington Feb 2023 Eglington Path Towards Yonge Feb 2023 Green Valley Products Delivery Van Yonge St. Near Roselawn Historical Facade RE Enforcement Structure Walking Along Keewatan_ Keewatan Condos Keewatan Houses More  Keewatan Houses Keewatan House and Semi at Mt. Pleasant The Homeway on Mt. Pleasant L'Amour_ Neighbourhood Convenience and Dental Clinic on Mt. Pleasant


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