Wandering Through the Village of Yorkville


Got my Canon New F-1 AE back from the repair tech up at Halton Camera Exchange and it was time for a CLA. The lower speeds were getting flaky late last Summer and decided it was due for a CLA, my usual guy begged off as it was just a bit beyond his abilities, for now. The New F-1 released in the early 1980s (not to be confused with the F-1n from the mid to late 1970s) had a hybrid shutter (mechanical speeds from 1/125 and up, and electroncially controlled speeds from 1/60 downward to bulb) competed against Nikon's F3 series. 

I popped on my pre SSC 35 f2 lens and was in Toronto for a networking event with professional colleagues, before dinner I went for a wander through Yorkville and shot a roll of Kentmere 400. The Chrome Nose or Pre SSC 35 F2 has a Thorium element that gives the lens a unique look. I love it even through it weighs more than the Nikkor equivelant. Sadly any FD mount 35 F2 has gotten silly expensive in the last few years because of the trend for lenses to be re-housed for motion picture cameras. I was lucky to get this lens when I did. 

The newly overhauled Canon New F-1 AE worked like a champ, I'm hoping the tech at Halton Camera can sort out the lazy light meter on my Nikon FM3a, fingers crossed. 

Camera: Canon New F-1 AE, FD Chrome Nose 35 F2 lens. 

Film: Kentmere 400, Ilfotec HC 1+31. 

Line 1 Subway Southbound at Rosedale Aug 2023 Line 1 Subway Looking South At Rosedale Valley Road Aug 2023 Yonge at Rosedale Valley Road Aug 2023 Middle of Yonge St. Yorkville Aug 2023 Parking off McMurrich Aug 2023 Top of Bay St. at Davenport Aug 2023 Top of Bay St.at Davenport Intersection Aug 2023 Bike Path on Davenport Aug 2023 Scollard Ave Townhouse Scollard Ave Southside_ Lamborgini Cabrio Dog and Bunny on a Date Retail on Hazelton Ave_ The Oxley on Yorkville Ave Alleyway off Yorkville Ave in the Shade Yorkville Mural on the Wall Looking on a Village of Yorkville Park Looking on a Village of Yorkville Park Forest Crossing Cumberland at Belair Looking South on Belair to Bloor St Bike Commuters on Bloor Biking East on  Bloor St. Yorkville Afternoon Traffic on  Bloor St. Yorkville Village of Yorkville Park Installation Village of Yorkville Park Seating Alleyway to Bloor St


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