Fujifilm Pro 400 H, a Swansong in Four Parts.

 I had four rolls of expired Fujfilm Pro 400 H left, the first one shot walkind down Broadview surveying the TTC Street Car Track replacement project which seems to be on schedule. Still it feels odd walking down a major north/south street in Toronto that's closed for major work, it's a lot quieter. Seeing how streetcar track is laid is quite interesting, the TTC uses steel railway ties, shimmed underneath with what looks to by styrofoam to ajdust track level, and all that gets covered with concrete and hopefully it lasts for a good 20-30 years (fingers crossed). 

Fujifilm Pro 400 H was the only real competition for Kodak Portra 400 and a lot of wedding shooters who shot film were upset as hell when Fujifilm discontinued the emulsion (believe whatever excuse/conspiricy you want). I bought a couple of rolls of my friend Trevor Black who was selling his film stash off. 

Shooting expired film can be a crap shoot and this case, like a roll I shot a few months ago through one of my Pentax Spotmatics, I'm getting the same lo-fi look. I know the next three rolls will the same. Of course it was a very grey and varying degrees of wet day. 

Camera: Nikon F3/T, Nikkor AIS lenses. 

Film: Fujifilm Pro 400 H. 

Broadview Closed at the Danforth Vacant Streetcar Platform at Broadview Station Wet Morning on Broadview Street Art Over Bike Share Taking a Detour Through Player Estates Penthouse Dry Cleaners Broadview and Danforth Fenced Off Broadview North Away from the Construction Fenced Off For Track Work Broadview South Closed Deere Earth Mover Broadview Flower Market Broadview South of Danforth Broadview Corner Laundry Broadview Construction 649 Convenience Broadview Track Replacement Site Broadview Track Replacement In Progress Flowers of August August Garden Mix Track Crew Hard At Work on Broadview Broadview Street Car Tracks Before the Cement Pour Broadview Mansions No 1 Broadview Mansions No 1 Courtyards Broadview is Closed Broadview Looking North


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