From Highway 35 and Dorset to Billie Bear Resort

As much as I like shooting with Kodak Ektar 100, I've grown to prefer Portra 160 over it. For a few reasons, Porta 160 is easy to scan with very little colour correction, almost zero grain, and I'm loving the more "true colour" vibe. 

The only thing I don't like like about Portra 160 is price but then I'm sitting on a pile of Kodak Aerocolor IV under the Flic Film Elektra 100 label for more regular work. 

One thing I'm really happy about is I finally got a chance to photograph a plane on floats, in this case a Piper Cub moored up behind Robinson's General Store in Dorset. You're up north and you expect to see them but in the ten years I've beeing going up to Billie Bear, aside from the search and rescue DeHaviland Turbo Beaver stationed in Algonquin Park. I haven't seen any float planes up close and personal. 

Nikon F3/T, Nikkor AIS lenses. 

Film: Kodak Portra 160. 

The Chip Shop 2 Sept 2023 Moored Piper Cub in the Channel Piper Cub on Floats Piper Cub Straight Ahead Piper Cub Parked The Bigwin  Sept 2023 The Bigwin Lifeboat Sept 2023 The Bigwin Museum Sept 2023 Knox Church in Dorset One Lane Bridge Through Dorset The Bigwin and Bigwin Museum The Bigwin and Lake of Bays Robinson General Store Sept 2023 Robinson's General Store Historic Entrance Sept 2023 Fall Colour by HIghway 35 Splash of Fall Colour and the Canadian Shield_ Muskoka Landscape off 35 Highway 35 looking Towards Dwight Old School Ford Pick Up Bella Lake Speedboats Two Bella Lake Speedboats_ Bella Lake Speedboats On the Shore Bella Lake Sailboat On the Shore Moored Outboard Sept 2023 Thursday Explorer's Lodge Sept 2023 Thursday


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