Return to the Oxtongue River Part Two.

Welcome to Part two the Oxtongue River set. I shot this on Fuji Superia Extra 400, and it was also around the time my eight year old Epson V600 wore out and was on its last legs. Five hundred dollars later, I was back in business for the last roll I have of NLP 2023 which is the next post. 

Camera: Nikon FM2/T, Nikkor AIS lenses. 

Film: Fujifilm Superia 400. 

Oxtongue River Friday Sept 2023 Oxtongue River 2 Friday Sept 2023 Fall colours on the South Shore of the Oxtongue Robert Getting the Photo on the Oxtongue Rocks in the Oxtongue Reflections on the Oxtongue Afternoon Oxtongue Rapids Two Bridge Over the Oxtongue River Sept 2023 ATV on the Bridge Over the Oxtongue River Sept 2023 Rocks on the Oxtongue River and Fall Colours Two Oxtongue River in the Corner Birches on the East Side of the Oxtongue Oxtongue Bridge Sept 2023 Rail to Fall Colour on the Oxtongue Oxtongue Reflections Two Sept 2023 Bridge To Dorset Sept 2023 Rafal Sept 2023 John Feguson Sept 2023 Jo-Anne in the Shades


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