Lomography F Squared 400 Review Part One

Back towards the end of Feburary I noticed Lomography put on the market Italian film stock aged like a fine wine on their site. See past the cute copy you know they are cutting down from a master roll of Ferrania Solaris 400. I put an order for ten rolls and waited for the order to creep through Lomography's supply chain. At the same time I put an order in for 20 rolls of expired Efke 100 from a Croatian seller and a local friend warned me Canada Border Services is baking incoming International packages with X-rays looking for contraband. Yes scare the shit out of me, the last thing I want is a couple hundred dollars of ruined film on my hands. I'll talk about Efke 100 in an upcoming blog post.

As you see the test roll turned out nicely. As per my usual practice of deliberately over exposing 400 ISO C-41 film down to about 200 ISO, I got colours that pop, and oddly enough, no colour correction was needed in post. Now Lomography F Squared 400 is a grainy film. If you're looking for smooth perfection, this ain't it. I think this excels with urbran streetscapes.

Now if you're looking to grab some Lomography F Squared 400, you're out of luck, it's out of stock, and I don't know if there is any more out there.

Camera: Nikkormat EL, Nikkormat O 35 f2 lens.
Film: Lomography F Squared 400 (Ferrania Solaris 400 circa 2010)

Lomography F Squared 400

Brookfield Place Atrium on Saturday

Flatiron Mural and Benches

April Flatiron One

Tom Jones and PJ O'Brien

PJ O'Brien in Colour_

Colbourne St. in Colour

Toronto St. in Colour

Adelaide and Victoria _

Big Ass Hole in the Ground


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