Black Spottie

I got weak spot for Pentax Spotmatics, one day while at Burlington Camera picking up some colour film I had in for processing, Joan (aka my camera pusher) said, "Did you want to see something neat?"

Of course I said sure and she pulled out this old camera bag that just came into the store, and it had this black Pentax Spotmatic SP.  It had been overhauled at some point in the last 10 years and the only thing that need replacing was the bumper foam, an easy enough fix, so I bought the camera. The meter works but isn't accurate (no surprise for a camera the same age as I am) but the shutter was bang on. Again, Super Multi Coated Takumar glass rocks colour film nicely.

Anyone who says Toronto is boring for photography isn't looking at the right places.

Camera: Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP, Super Multi Coated Takumar lenses.
Film: Lomography 400 C-41


York, Front, and University

Stretches in Front of Bardies

TD Centre and Sky

Warming Up the Street Meet


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