Saturday in the Beaches Continued

There's trouble in paradise, there always been high retail turnover in the Beaches, but it has gotten worse over the past two or three years. A lot of retailers are either calling it a day or more moving up to Kingston Rd. Gerrard St. or the Danforth for cheaper space. I don't blame them. The big problem is rent is steep and getting steeper. My guess a few landlords who have the retail strip sewn up got greedy. The recent commercial property tax increases are probably not helping either.

Here's the challenge with the Beach, it's a desirable neighbourhood, people will pay stupid money to get a piece of heaven in the 416. My guess there's a more than a few people who are over mortgaged, you could say that with Oakville too. That doesn't help the local retailer because people aren't spending, helps to have a viable business and marketing plan too. One thing I am happy about is Bud's Coffee is still around for now.

Camera: Olympus OM-2n, Zuiko 50 f1.4 lens.
Film: Ferrania F Squared 400

Black Eyed Susans

Kew House I

Kew Gardens Path_

Passing In Front of Bud's

Binz for Rent and Bud's Staying Put

Ends Winding Down

Beaches Fire Hall

Shopping at Meat on the Beach

Corner of Murphy's Law

Concrete Tank

Rorschach Brewery_


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