Downtown Toronto Early Fall

Pentax K Mount, your first thought is the K1000, the student camera of choice and current nostalgia object. I'm a bigger fan of the KX and of a more recent purchase the KM which is, a K1000 with the depth of field preview and timer. 

I have a small K mount fleet but I have friends who are hardcore about this platform, I know Mike Gutterman of Negative Positives Photography Podcast waxes lyrical about the system. I agree it's all about the glass. 

Now, I'm just taking a quick look at photos I took mid-September but never got around to posting. There will be a second set I shot back at the end of October and you'll see that Monday morning. 

Camera: Pentax KM, SMC Pentax K 55 f1.8 lens.
Film: Kodak Tri-X 400, Xtol 1+1. 

Waiting for the Light at Bay and Front

Three Bronze Elephants_

Bay St. at Rush Hour

Patio Dining at Deloite_

Crossing Yonge St

Traffic Up Yonge St

Aston Martin Convertable Sept 2018

French Coffee Truck

Yorkville Boutique Hotel_


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