Wandering Around Downtown Toronto in October Part One

Well, getting into the middle of fall the weather starts to get a little more changeable in terms of lighting. I spent Sunday afternoon in the city with my friends from Toronto film shooters James, John, and Ori. We met up at Downtown Camera and made our way west via a coffee stop at Dineen Coffee.

I went with a classic Nikon F Photomic that's six months older than I am along with a Nikkor O 35 f2 lens. Film wise I used Rollei RPX 400 and processed it in a proprietary developer RPX D 1+11 dilution. I like trying out new developers on occasion, I might grab some Supergrain Developer next time which is a little more versatile and I get a lot more concentrate for my money. Rollei RPX 400 is the descendant of Agfa APX 400 and I shot A LOT of this film over a decade ago so I'm glad to see it back and it's a nice black and white film to shoot with.

The Nikon F (Tn) was really nice to shoot with and was my second F body after inheriting dad's camera and put me onto the Nikon path over the years. Even at 50 years old this camera still delivers.  As for the Nikkor O 35 f2, I never used that focal length as a portrait lens but I got a great shot of both Ori and James over coffee.

Camera: Nikon F Photomic Tn, Nikkor O 35 f2 lens.
Film: Rollei RPX 400, RPX D 1+11.

Crossing Adelaide at Yonge

Looking up Yonge St. North of Adelaide

Dineen Coffee Patio

Ori and James_

Ducati at a Standstill_

Share Bikes

Adelaide West of Bay St

Street Meat by Queen

Quiet at the Hotdog Stand

Walking Past Steve's Catering
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