Fall In Caledon

Should read despite the super sunny day, winter is coming and I'm stoked for the upcoming ski season. 

What struck me is the little things you don't see at the Club in season like the stream at the bottom of West Hill that's covered with snow and actually just how much base is made because minus the snow,  you have to climb up to the bottom deck. This was a polar opposite to my Saturday at Kelso, not a cloud in the sky and the roads were jammed with city people trying to catch the fall colours. 

I also wanted to make up for the expired roll of Kodak Ultracolor 400 I shot in August that was too expired. It was a much better day.

Camera: Nikon F Photomic FTN, Nikkor H 50 f2 lens, Nikkor H 28 f3.5 lens. 
Film: Lomography 400 C-41 

Highway 10 Abandoned House One

Highway 10 Abandoned House Two

Sunday morning on Olde Base Line Road

Fundraising in Front of the General Store_

Looking Down Harold's Headstander_

Wortleys full of Colour

Stapell's Chair Off Season

Stapell's Chair Off Season Two

Stapell's Chair Off Season Four

MacLaren Sideroad Looking South


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