Camera Show Find: Minolta SRT 200 Part One

I haven't been to a Camerama Camera Show in ages and I've been on a Minolta kick, I wound up with two bodies, a mint SRT200 which was their entry-level camera and a cosmetically nice SRT101 but it needs a serious overhaul. Considering I only paid $10 for that particular body, once rebuilt will last me a lifetime, and you can't have enough SRT 101's.

Getting back to the SRT200. It was Minolta's entry-level model, it still had the great CLC metering and depth of field preview. It lost mirror lock up and the self-timer. Also in the viewfinder, you lost the aperture read out. This isn't the end of the universe, Nikkormats and the original Canon FTB's didn't have aperture readouts and the SRT200 is way better than a Pentax K1000 because you have an on-off switch and you have access to the sweet Rokkor glass.

Shooting with an SRT200 is like shooting a de-contented SRT102 or 202. If you're a Minolta SRT fan and come across one, and the price is right, by all means, get it. If you're pondering getting an SRT body with Rokkor glass, I would spring for an SRT102 or 202 instead as they are more fully featured.

Camera: Minolta SRT 200, MC Rokkor X 50 f1.7 lens, Minolta MD 28 f2.8 lens. MD Rokkor X 50 f3.5 Macro lens.
Film: Rollei RPX 400, RPX D 1+11.

Minolta SRT200

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