Olympus Trip 35- David Bailey's Point and Shoot

Photographs were taken by cameras given to Bill, an ongoing series. Classic Camera Revival founder Alex Luyckx gave me this Olympus Trip 35 a year ago, I popped a roll of HP5 in and sorta started shooting with it. A year later I finally got around to finishing that roll off.

The Trip 35 was a basic camera, zone focus, and only two speeds, I think 1/40 and 1/200, there were no batteries, the meter was selenium. It was originally marketed to the non-photographer who wanted to take snapshots while on vacation, hence the name Trip.

What blew me away was the Tessar design 40 f2.8 Zuiko lens. I've seen this look before with my brother's Rollei 35 I used back in August. I can see why the Olympus Trip 35 is a cult camera. I might use this while skiing as I get hassled for taking a camera sling bag with me on the chairlift as it's small enough to put in my pocket.

Camera: Olympus Trip 35, Zuiko 40 f2.8 lens.
Film: Ilford HP5 400, Tmax 1+4

Olympus Trip 35

GO Train Arrived on Track 24

GO Train on Track Four

Bronte Harbour in the Fall_

Bronte Harbour in the Fall II

Crossing Bronte Road in the Grey Season

Bronte Road Sidewalk

Olde Oakville Street

Steps to town houses

10 50 AM

The 7 and Tommy Bahama

Millenium Clock in the Middle

West Side of 16 Mile Creek and Larry Cain Trail

OYC Boat Storage


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